The Butter Market

Faca a barrar manteiga em fatias de pão

The Sector Analysis Milk & Dairies (2020) of the Office of Planning, Policies and General Administration states that, in 2018, Portugal exported 267 million euros of milk and dairy products,occupying the butter the first place as the most exported product.

In January 2022, the Monthly Bulletin of Agriculture and Fisheries reported a decrease in the production of milk and dairy products in Portugal, with cow’s milk collection in November 2021, at 144.5 thousand tons, which represented a redução de 1,4% (-0,6% em outubro).

Naturally, the same happened in the total volume of dairy products obtained, with a decrease of 5.1% (-10.1% in October), due to the reduction of milk consumption (-9.1%) and butter (-6.0%).

On the other hand, there was an increase in the production of oxidizing milk (+8.3%) cow's cheese (+6.2%) and cream (+2.7%), while the production of milk powder remained the same.

Apesar da diminuição na produção de leite, o Portal do Leite e Lacticínios dos Açores vaticina que assistir-se-á a uma maior produção de manteiga em 2025, superior a 12%, derivado de um aumento gradual da produção de leite. É ainda referido que, enquanto no passado a valorização da gordura do leite sempre foi considerado um problema, as tendências do mercado na União Europeia e no mundo reverteram-se, com os preços da manteiga a subirem.

Regarding consumption in Portugal, Atlas dos Laticínios indicates that butter consumption in the country is significantly lower than the European average (3,6 kg/inhabitant) being 1.7 kg/inhabitant.

It is also mentioned that more than 50% of the butter produced comes from Asia and 25% is produced in Europe.

Clarified Butter Market

As far as the market for clarified butter is concerned, everything indicates towards global expansion and growth, and it is clear that consumers are preferring more natural and less processed products.

Besides Índia, Tibet, Pakistan, Southeast Asia and some African countries where its consumption is a regular occurrence, ghee butter is a widely used product also in Europa (France, Germany and Luxemburg) and South America (Brazil).

In 2020, the global ghee market was almost 6.1 million tons, growing at a rate of 4.3%..

By 2026, it is expected to reach a volume of more than 7.8 million tons..

Já em relação a Portugal, os dados são quase inexistentes no que respeita ao consumo deste tipo de manteiga, apesar disso, a realidade é que são cada vez mais as superfícies comerciais que a têm disponível para venda por todo o país. A AzorGhee é um dos produtores de manteiga clarificada que acredita no seu potencial em Portugal e pretende disponibilizar este produto maravilhoso a todos os portugueses.

According to the available data and current trends, everything seems to indicate that the future of butter will surely include clarified butter.

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