How to Cook with Ghee Butter

Homem a cortar um pedaço de manteiga para utilizar para cozinhar

Com um sabor único e refinado, a ghee confere aos alimentos odores e sabores que jamais se esquecerão. Por ter um alto nível de resistência ao calor é a manteiga ideal para utilizar na culinária, seja para saltear, refogar ou fritar os alimentos.

Ghee butter and food

Although it is a source of saturated fat, ghee is a good substitute for traditional fats such as oil, conventional butter or margarine.

Ghee has a higher burning point (240ºC) than common butter (175ºC). By replacing traditional oil or ghee butter, you can change your everyday dishes, as well as create fitness and low carb recipes.

Para além disto, a manteiga contém diversos outros benefícios que podem impactar positivamente a sua saúde e bem estar os quais pode consultar no nosso artigo “Benefícios da Manteiga Ghee”.

Que alimentos posso cozinhar com manteiga ghee?

Bread on the grill with ghee

Place a slice of bread on the grill. When it turns brown on the other side, spread ghee on the part that was left up. When it melts, it will be absorbed by the bread which will give it a delicious taste.

Braising food with Ghee

Mushrooms, onions, garlic, vegetables, meat, whatever ingredient it might be, when you braise your food with ghee clarified butter, it will take it to another dimension and the real flavors will be revealed. 

Aromatic rice with ghee

When cooking your rice, you need to replace the vegetable oils with ghee butter. The rice will be loose and will have a delicious taste.

Fried eggs and omelettes

When cooking eggs use ghee instead of oil and you will see a huge difference.

What dishes can I cook with ghee butter?


Grilled cod with ghee butter

Prato de bacalhau grelhado com manteiga ghee

A quick way to make practical and healthy cod slices is grilled with ghee butter. The flavour and crispiness characteristic of the frying process make this dish even better.

Rump roast with ghee butter

Alcatra ao forno com manteiga ghee

The rump roast with potatoes and onions, will have another palate with ghee butter. Before puting it in the oven, sprinkle the ghee butter over the meat and cover it with foil. The flavour will be more intense.

Fried chicken in ghee butter

Travessa de frango frito em manteiga ghee

In this recipe, the ghee butter replaces the oil in the frying pan. In this way, the chicken is juicier, without losing the skin´s crispiness. 

Vegetarian pumpkin curry with ghee butter

Prato de caril vegetariano de abóbora com manteiga ghee

In addition to the pumpkin and ghee butter, the vegetarian curry also has chickpeas, mushrooms and spices. Ghee is used at the beginning of the recipe to heat the spices, resulting in an amazing mix of flavours.

Diet brigadeiro with ghee butter

Brigadeiro diet com manteiga ghee

Besides being sugar-free, this brigadeiro is made from condensed milk in diet powder, cocoa powder and ghee butter. In this way, brigadeiro will turn out healthier and tastier.

Gluten free cookie with ghee butter

travessa de bolachas sem glúten feitas com manteiga ghee

Made with brown rice flour and ghee butter, the secret to their healthy cooking lies in the ingredients. Nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and ghee will give your cookies an irresistible touch.


 – Once heated, it quickly reaches very high temperatures;

– Avoid dropping water in hot ghee as it can splash hot fat;

– Ghee temperature for frying should be medium-low and will be ready when the food starts to get golden;

– Do not put many portions at once, this will cause the temperature to drop, compromising the final result;

– Ghee can be used for frying more than once without being saturated. Simply filter it after each use;

– Once ready, ghee can be seasoned, mixed with herbs, flavored to taste or remain pure. It is ideal to spread on bread, add to cold dishes, to cook pasta, to make braised and fried dishes.

After cooking with ghee, you will never stop using it.

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